IVSOLAR’S on-line beacon configurator

configurador ivsolar

When considering the creation of the new web, the main idea was to present in the simplest way for the user, the technical complexity of the signaling obstacles beacons.

That’s why we are presenting the family of beacons according to their technical characteristics, as well as according to the sector of activity. In this way it is easier to find the most appropriate beacon for each specific case.
But we have gone further and we have created the first “Beacon on-line Configurator” so the user could be able to “create” exactly the type of beacon needed.
The guide’s operation is very intuitive. Just go to the “Beacons” tab and in the drop-down menu select “Configurator”. Automatically the configurator of our beacon will appear on the screen.

The first characteristic to choose:


Select “Low Intensity” for lights to be installed on obstacles up to 45m high. For higher heights, please get in touch with us through the template that you will find at the end of the configurator, or directly, to our e-mail “info@ivsolar.com”.


The IVSOLAR beacons can be powered by: Solar energy, connected to grid or in Hybrid form (Solar Energy + Electric Power).

  • Solar Energy will be the most appropriate choice for places with solar radiation greater than 4-5 hours throughout the year. They are beacons of great autonomy that do not need to connect to the network.
  • The Electrical unit works only when connected. It can also house a battery pack allowing the beacon to continue operating normally in the event of an electric power cut. Great reliability for places where such signaling is essential.
  • The Hybrid beacon is able to work both with Solar and Electric power, also incorporating batteries. Therefore, they can work anywhere and under any type of adverse situation. Indicated for places where the beacon “cannot fail”, and also for places where it is necessary to relocate the beacons with the greatest ease.

“INTENSITY” of light.

  • 10 Candles, if must install a Type A (Low Intensity) beacon according to ICAO.
    This intensity is also indicated in maritime applications (marinas, ports …) where the light of the beacon must be visible up to 3 Nautical Miles (atmospheric transmissivity of 85%).
  • 32 Candles, if must install an ICAO Type B (Low Intensity) beacon, or in marine applications when the light must be visible up to 4.6 Nautical Miles (with atmospheric transmissivity of 85%).


In aerial signaling applications the low intensity beacons light will be red color.

In maritime applications (IALA) it may be white, yellow, red, green or blue.


The light can be steady or flashing, in 40 flashes per minute. Other flashing patterns can be requested.


The beacons can incorporate a crepuscular sensor inside allowing them to only work during the night, or to illuminate constantly during 24 hours a day.


In certain circumstances it may be necessary for several beacons to flash simultaneously. If this is the case a GPS module can be incorporated into the lights permitting to synchronize the flashes via satellite.


It is increasingly common for the beacons to issue a failure warning in case of malfunction. The usual way to transmit said notice is through a cable connected to the installation datalogger. Also this notice can also be made through GPRS communication to a remote control center.


Beacons can be equipped with a GPRS or RF module to issue and /or receive remote orders and communications. For example, status query, level of battery charge, on/ off, etc ….

The Configurator finally presents all the games of anchors for the correct fixing of the beacons.

If you would need other different characteristics in the beacon that are not listed in the configurator, you can make your query in the “CONTACT” area that you will find at the end of the configurator.

Get to know the new IVSOLAR On-line Beacon Configurator. You can design the specifications of the beacon you need quickly and easily. It has never been so easy!

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