Beaconing system

The IVSOLAR beacon range meets ICAO standards, being certified by STAC and can be used in the widest variety of sectors and environments where obstacle signaling is necessary, from environments lacking access to electricity, to places where it is necessary the highest level of security with the possibility of continuing to operate in the event of power cuts.

Our warning Lights are manufactured in technical materials resistant to the most severe weather, vibrations, shock, UV radiation, humidity, etc…

balizas de señalización

01 Meteorological Towers

Usually located in remote areas without power grid, met towers needs the use of autonomous beacons powered by solar energy, such as IV-10A and IV-32B. These units meet ICAO requirements for Low Intensity beacons Type A and Type B, respectively.

Their different models can be powered by solar energy, electric power or hybrid power (solar + electric). In this last case they can be used with maximum safety and reliability, both in environments with no access to the network and in places with the risk of electric power cuts.

For towers higher than 45m it will be necessary to install Medium Intensity beacons, such as MIB-1.1 or MIC-1.1, which comply with ICAO / ICAO requirements for Medium Intensity beacons, Type B and Type C respectively.

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02 Telecommunications Towers

For Low Intensity beacons such as IV-10A and IV-32B, 10 and 32Cd respectively, the most suitable type of feeding (solar, electric or hybrid) can be chosen for each case. The solar beacons provide an additional advantage, since they do not need protection against lightning, as they are not electrically connected to any equipment in the tower. Towers higher than 45m will be marked with Medium Intensity beacons, such as MIB-1.1 or MIC-1.1. The “WireFree” technology used in the light modules developed by IVSOLAR for its beacons helps to minimize both the emission and reception of electronic “noise”.

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03 Wind Farms

During the construction of wind farms it is necessary to signal the obstacles that suppose an hazard to aviation. We have added the 70Cd beacon to the range of low intensity beacons, developed specifically for this application, at the request of our customers.

Wind turbines Those structures requires great reliability medium-intensity beacons. The best response can be found in the IVSOLAR, MIB-1.1 and MIC-1.1 beacons, which meet the optical specifications of ICAO, as well as with telecommunication needs (GPRS and RF). Having the possibility of alarm in case of failure of the beacon and can be synchronized by GPS.

Ice Falling Warning Ice may accumulate on wind turbines blades during the winter. This could cause a dangerous situation. IVSOLAR has developed an Ice Warning beacons which, when receiving remote danger instructions via GPRS, switches the Light on, signaling automatically the roads anp paths surrounding the danger zones.

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04 Airports / Aerodromes

They are places of maximum risk, where the most reliable equipment is needed.

IVSOLAR offers a complete range of solutions in Low Intensity beacons: From classic electric beacons, to grid-proof equipment with electric models with built-in batteries that continue working for hours in case of power failure or accidental breakage of cable.

Hybrid models of solar + electric energy can also be interesting, as well as equipment powered only by solar energy. Its luminous head, based on LED technology, for both Low and Medium Intensity beacons ensures a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours of operation

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05 Tower Cranes

Cranes surrounding aerodromes need to be signaled, either with low or medium intensity beacons, according to their height. Tower cranes are hard environment for the beacons due, among other circumstances, to the vibrations that they must support. Only the most robust and reliable construction beacons can operate on cranes, year after year, without problems. The IVSOLAR beacons are preferred by many of our customers in the sector as its result, over the years, remains highly satisfactory. The use of “Wire-Free” technology in the light modules, allows greater reliability in operation and minimize the possibility of disconnecting cables due to shocks and vibrations.

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06 Chimneys

For the signaling of chimneys, both the height of the structure and its diameter must be taken into account. Depending on this, a specific configuration of a group of beacons will be necessary, which sometimes involves the use of both Low and Medium Intensity beacons. The range of IVSOLAR beacons covers the needs of chimney beaconing with their families of Low and Medium Intensity products.

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07 Buildings

High-rise buildings require specific signage, which in many cases is a combination of Medium and Low intensity beacons. The number of beacons and its configuration will depend on the height of the building, the area it occupies and the signage of the adjoining buildings. In certain cases it may be interesting to install electrical beacons with built-in batteries back-up, which allows the beacon to remain in operation for hours in the event of a fall in electrical flow for any reason.

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08 Bridges

Bridges may need signage both in their towers and their braces. The IVSOLAR range offers the most suitable solution for each configuration of luminous beacons, whether it is electrical equipment or equipment powered by solar energy. The high anti-humidity and anti-condensation protection, as well as the protection of the IVSOLAR beacon’s envelope against saline environments make our beacons weather-proof and environmentally-proof equipment.

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09 Marinas

From the beginning our clients, ports and marinas managers, have relied on IVSOLAR equipment due to their technical characteristics and high protection against environments of high humidity, salinity and UV radiation. In addition, the IVSOLAR beacons can incorporate LEDs of various colors, which comply with the IALA specifications, as well as being programmed with the flash patterns appropriate to the different maritime signaling codes.

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