Beacon ICAO Type A Hybrid

IV-10A (>10Cd)

baliza híbrida IVSOLAR

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01 General description

Hybrid poweredbeacon (solar + electrical), designed for use in meteorological and telecommunications towers, cranes, chimneys, bridges, wind turbines or any structure up to 45m high, as well as in airports, marinas and ports. It can continue to function even in the absence of solar radiation and power failure, thanks to the battery located inside (see autonomy). 

Low intensity Type A ICAO certified by STAC.

02 Features

  • Low intensity <45m
  • Intensity 10Cd
  • Hybrid

Power Source: Solar energy + electrical connection (110-240VAC).

Indicated for: Signaling of obstacles up to 45m high.

With steady light (ICAO Type A): 100 hours (starting from a 100% charged battery)
With flashing light (30 DPM): 500 hours (starting from a 100% charged battery)
Attention: The autonomy of the battery can be affected significantly depending on the weather conditions.

03 Configuration options

Configurator: Remote “IV-CRF” configurator option to change the mode and/or operation of the beacon.

Light colors: Red (standard), White, Amber, Green, Blue.

Mode: Fixed light / Flashing light.

Operation: Only night / 24h.

Twilight sensor: Integrated.

Flash synchronization: GPS synchronization option.

Fault alarm: Option, through “Dry contact” connectable to datalogger.

Telecommunications: It can be integrated into the IV-Manager System environment for beacon management and monitoring from a remote location.

04 Anchorages

Fijación lateral:
Fijación a tubo vertical (20 a 60mm de diámetro) o a pared.

“New Jersey” horizontal fixing:
For horizontal support (floor, wall crest, etc…).

“Fence” horizontal fixing::
For an horizontal structure (cranes, fences, etc…)

Fixation for aerodrome/airport deflector (45º inclination):
Special for runway head deflectors in aerodromes and airports.

Cone support for fixing on the ground:
Used in aerodromes/airports, mines, etc. It can be attached to the ground with screws.

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