“Ice Warning” Beacon in Austrian Alps


The goal of the project was to signal by lights access routes close to wind farms warning of the danger of ice falling blocks from wind turbines blades in winter.

The meteorological conditions of the area are monitored from a remote station so when the characteristics that favor this circumstances are produced, GPRS signals are sent to the beacon in order to start shining automatically.

The Lights sets are located in places without electrical grid, therefore, they must have an alternative energy source.

At IVSOLAR we opted for a  solar powered beacons solution.

The high energy consumption of the beacons due to the telecommunications modules, together with the harsh weather conditions in winter (few hours of sun, cloudy days, snowfall, etc …) advised us to use extra equipment outside the beacon. So we added an external solar panel and a special batteries box in order to ensure that the beacons had enough energy to operate, even in very low temperatures.

The project has been a success, counting the application at present with new functionalities in the communication between the beacons and the remote control station. Those improvements have been added year by year following the experience.

It is a good example of the IVSOLAR beacons adaptation to the specific needs of our customers.

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