“HYBRID” Obstacle Warning Lights advantages

obstacle warning lights

In 1999 IVSOLAR launched its first obstacle warning lights with LED technology, powered by solar energy, on the European market, all in a compact unit, without additional external panels, boxes or sensors. This launch represented a technological leap in a time where the  incandescent lamps connected to the greed were the standard for the obstacle warning  lights (high consumption, low reliability of the lamps, need for periodic maintenance, etc…).

The beacons with LED technology powered by solar energy havebeen on the market for more than twenty years, some, such as those developed byIVSOLAR, complying with the most demanding technical and reliability standards,set by ICAO (International CivilAviation Organization), body belonging to the UN.

Its advantages over traditional electric beacons areremarkable, of course, in latitudes where the sun’s rays allow its operationthroughout the year (more than 80% of the inhabited planet). But what happensin areas where solar radiation is minimal or non-existent during winter (areasof the planet near the Poles, for example)?

IVSOLAR, the developer of compact solar beacons, has given an effective response to this situation: hybrid beacons, powered by solar energy plus electrical energy.

Why choose hybrid beacons?

In some cases, the hybrid beacons can be powered by solarenergy, autonomously, and, if necessary, be recharged with grid connection.

They can also be installed with a (fixed) grid connection,so that they can be powered indistinctly by solar or electric energy,preferably solar whenever possible.

In addition, in the event of a power failure and the absenceof solar radiation for a long time, the beacon will continue to illuminatethanks to the built-in batteries, so that it is the beacon with the mostoperational safety on the market.

– Double feeding capacity.

– Autonomous (temporary) operation even in total absence ofpower.

– Easy repositioning capacity (mobility).

– Maximum ecological conscience without loss of reliability.

– The most reliable equipment on the market, thanks to itsoutstanding power supply possibilities.

– Those indicated for places with a need for greaterreliability of signaling equipment, in any place and circumstance.

IVSOLAR is the brand of obstacle signaling lights developedby de JVV GRUP, S.A.

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