In 1999 the company “Innovación Viaria” emerges in the European market presenting a new product: The luminous beacon with LED technology powered by solar energy, without the need of connection to the grid or expensive electrical installations.

After a period of collaboration to improve the efficiency of these beacons, in 2009 IVSOLAR joins JVV Grup , an Electronic Engineering Company specialized in LED lighting and solar energy. Two years later the second generation of product was presented, adding important improvements that increased their reliability and autonomy.

In 2019 we present the third generation of beacons powered by solar, electric or hybrid energy, and with new capabilities in telecommunications and monitoring.

balizas de señalización

Thanks to the technological contribution and manufacturing capacity of JVV Grup, S.L., the IVSOLAR beacons have been in constant evolution providing solutions to the needs expressed by our customers.

Currently IVSOLAR beacons are present in more than forty countries worldwide, enjoying international recognition for their quality and compliance with the most demanding technical standards, being one of the few solar beacons that has achieved the ICAO Certification from STAC (DGAC, France), one of the most prestigious organizations around the world.

International presence

Directly or through numerous technology distributors, IVSOLAR beacons are present in more than forty countries around the world. Its reliability, ease of installation and maintenance-free operation make the IVSOLAR autonomous beacons highly efficient devices with excellent results.

Advisory Services

How should a particular obstacle be signaled? What type and / or combination of beacons are indicated?

Those questions are frequent, since the rules on obstacle signage take into account various variables, depending on the terrain, the environment, the location of the obstacle, etc … The last word is from the Civil Aviation authorities, although alternative signage can be accepted, “Provided that the resulting degree of security is equivalent (AESA SSAA-16-GUI-121)”.

We will be happy to collaborate with your company, presenting proposals based on the requirements of ICAO in order to get the most efficient signaling project and preserving the level of security required in each case.

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