IV Solar

Obstruction Lights ICAO

Obstruction lights beacons in compliance with ICAO international standards of 10 and 32 Cd Solar-powered or mains.



Solar LED lighting System.
Electronic management system.
Operate maintenance free for 5 years.
LED Technology with high light intensity.
Unidirectional, bidirectional, and omni-directional.
Fixed-on light or flashing, programmed by us.
RF synchronization system without cables.
Autonomy of 23 days with frog or clouds.
Watertight magnetic switch of connection and disconnection.
Different anchorages systems and it is possible custom made.
Reflective added to the protector Level 3.

Datasheet 10Cd Solar Power

Datasheet 32Cd Solar Power

Datasheet 32Cd Mains





Application Examples

Nuclear Signaling Vandallós II.
Signaling communications tower