IV Solar

Solutions for signaling on land

There are different solutions for signaling on land, these are the most common used with our products

Road signaling system
They make it possible to signpost dangerous curves, junctions, traffic circles, vertical signaling, works, etc…
Meteorological towers signaling system
Meteorological and communication towers fulfilling the current normative ICAO of 10 and 32 Cd supplied by solar power or in network.
Renewals energies
Our beacons can signpost from the previous measuring studies of the wind until the wind turbines, fulfilling the more exigent rules concerning the: low, medium and high light intensity, following the ICAO.
Cranes signaling system
It is a signaling system for the head, the middle and the end of the cranes, with RF and simultaneous flashing.
Parks and gardens signaling
It is a Solar system to illuminate public and private gardens and parks, without previous electrical installations.
Pathway surface signaling
Illumination of paths, nature reserves, outdoor decoration. The device includes a backlight to personalize it with the name of the park combined always with the environment. We can make the application following your indications.