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Solar Beacon for tower cranes

¿Do you need to install Solar Beacons in a tower crane? IV Solar guarantees the latest technology and the best reliability. Call us and we will inform you without any obligation.


Our Solar Beacon new models for tower cranes provides more than 5 years maintenance-free lighting. The solar beacon fulfill ICAO's air navigation standards. Also withstands extreme temperatures between -10ºC and 80ºC (14ºF to 176ºF).

This solar energy system of signalization features a high-efficiency photovoltaic panel with own built-in day/night sensor. Guarantees up to 12 days autonomy in fog or clouds. 

Manufactured with PMMA polycarbonate and Luran technical plastic, it is able to resist impacts, U.V rays, salinity, and corrosion. Wearing 5 high-intensity LED's insulated with angle reduction optics allowing to project a fixed or flashinglight, making it highly visible.


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