IV Solar



IV Solar belongs to the group JVV Grup Electronic Engineering Services.

JVV Grup is a Spanish company located in Badalona, which incorporates the R + D, Innovation and Manufacturing departments.

With the incorporation on IV Solar to JVV Grup, the result is a company with a sound grounding in R + D, that complement the available background concerning Solar Power, with a big competitive value. IV SOLAR can offer you the last technology about solar applications, with the possibility to personalize depending on the application, even for small formats.

IV Solar manufactures and distributes its products all over the world: Europe, Asian, Middle East, United States, South America, South Africa and India.

IVS2.0 is a signalizing synchronized security system of second generation, designed and manufactured by JVV Grup. It groups 3 technological bases: solar, led, and low consumption.